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[English] The eternal question

Title: The eternal question
Fandom: One Piece
Pairing: Kohza/Vivi
Genre: fluff, I suppose...
Rating: PG for references to mild violence?
Length: +500
Summary: Are spot-billed ducks really better than horses or camels? They didn't seem to agree.

It had been a delicate subject to argue about during years. Vivi had defended her stance on it even with her small fists and teeth. But it's a known fact Kohza was a stubborn boy.

"Horses are just better to ride," he'd tell her, in a condescending tone of someone who's used to be right.

"Nuh-huh! Spot-billed ducks are! They're cuter and faster!"

"Cuteness has nothing to do with performance, Vivi," Kohza would say. "Look how ugly camels are, and they can resist so much to heat. Ducks can't stand much without a good barrel of water."

"Neither do horses, leader."

"Even if camels are the best in that area, horses can go through the desert better than ducks."

"Nope! Ducks run so fast they take less pauses to drink... or at least adult ducks do, Carue still needs some training... So they can stand the desert as well as horses!"

"Training is another thing; horses are easier to train. Carue turns left when you want to turn right. They just won't listen. You can train horses to do awesome tricks and jumps."

"That's just Carue because he's a baby!"

"In duck years he's already as old as us, maybe more."

"Oh yeah?" At that point, Vivi was already shaking in anger. "Haven't you heard that the Duck Squad is the fastest group of animals in Alabasta? There's no horse squad or anything. They're DUCKS. And Carue is so going to be admitted in it, because his daddy was the captain and he's already faster than him!"

"Vivi, being the fastest animal is not being the best ride. Horses are just more balanced and stuff."


"You know... a black stallion just looks way cooler than any duck."

"Leeeeeader! You're defending horses just because you find them cuter!"

"Cooler, not cuter."

"Horses are ugly, anyway, and they smell of dung!"

"Ducks look stupid and girly, not cute at all!"

At that part, the little princess would jump at the boy to clear her mascot's honor. Both children would get home with several scratches and perhaps a broken nose. Rational debate was out of the question.


After the rebellion, Kohza had to admit the Duck Squad were men -or more like birds- of chivalry. He took back everything he said of Carue, although Vivi would assure him the captain had still some problems following easy instructions -but it wasn't the species' fault, really. After protecting the kingdom and the princess so hard, the Duck Squad won many respect points from him. He also had no doubts about their speed, considering they could keep up with his troops that day.

However, Vivi had to admit that Kohza had a point about horses. Perhaps was the fact Carue would be a sort of third wheel, quacking whenever he heard strange noises on his back, or perhaps they indeed look cooler. Either way, it was definitely sexier to ride around the dunes with Kohza on his black steed, her arms around the young man's body. She'd feel safe, and alive, and free, and wild. Then again, it probably wouldn't be that cool if she wasn't with him.

They never fought over the best mount ever again.
Tags: c: one piece: carue, c: one piece: kohza, c: one piece: vivi, f: one piece, p: one piece: kohza/vivi
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