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[English] The talk

Title: The talk
Fandom: CLAMPverse (CCS in nature, but linked to those other two series)
Canon: about a week before the beginning of Soel to Larg
Rating: PG
Genre: Gen, with some lulz
Pairings: none, but the characters saw hints of Clow/Yuuko
Notes: no real spoilers for current Tsubasa/HOLiC events, but cryptic Clow is cryptic... again. Also, I kind of wrote that in a rush, so if there are grammar errors let me know.

It was already tea time, and the two guardians were sitting at the table. The unusual thing would be that Yue was participating at all; Cerberus was the only one who joined his master in those hours. When Clow arrived with the teapot, a claw was reaching for the muffins. The man grinned in amusement and sat down as his children were staring at them.

“Well?” Yue asked. “What is it so important you need to talk to about?”

“Let me pour the tea first for me and your brother. You won't drink today?”

Yue just shook his head while Clow served Cerberus.

“Yeah, I'm also intrigued,” said Kero. “This has to be serious from your tone. Three lumps and milk, thanks.”

“Yes, well... First of all, you must know I love you both and the Cards very much, and no matter what happens you'll still be my dear children...”

“Oh bugger.”

“I don't think I like the sound of that... Can you go to the point?”

Clow ignored the complains.

“You do remember my friend Yuuko, right?”

“I see where this is going,” sang Kero.

“How can't we,” said Yue, “considering you go to that witch's house every day now.”

“I have told you we have a shared project. And as a matter of fact, it reached the point you shall get involved with this, even if in a small role.”

“Get to the point.”

“All right. How should I put it... Um. Yuuko and I are co-creating living beings.”

Both guardians glared at him in disgust.

“So she seduced you!” said Yue, outraged. “I knew this would happen!”

“Don't get me wrong,” Kero started, “I like her and I think she's nice and funny for a moon-based gal, and I'm not surprised you did that with her, but she doesn't seem to be the good wife type.”

If she marries him, Cerberus.”

“They should if they're breeding. Clow is old-fashioned and wouldn't let a human children of his unsupported.”

“Maybe if we pay her a monthly fee she will leave us alone?”

“Yue, don't be such a bastard! I think we should support the baby.”

“You will not say that when that spawn is crying during nap time and needs a diaper change while the parents are drunk. The one taking care of that will be you and not me.”

At that point, Clow couldn't take it anymore, and burst in laugh. The guardians shared a look that clearly said they both thought he had lost it.

“You... ahahaha... you guys got it wrong. Yuuko is not pregnant.”

“Er, no?”

“I meant magical creatures like yourselves. That's our project. We'll have the calculations done next week.”


“What for? You already have us and the cards! And you're powerful enough to create anything on your own.”

“Not for this, Yue. Besides, these two little ones aren't for me or for her.”

“For whom, then?”

“Future clients of her shop.”

“Then,” said Kero, “why are you helping her with such a big thing if it has nothing to do with you?”

“She must be charging him for something,” Yue mused.

“Heh, not quite,” Clow replied. “I'm in because it concerns descendants of mine in several dimensions. It's long to explain.”

“Then try.”

“I'm sorry. These waters are too deep and turbulent for you to sail. And by the time it all happens I'll be d... well, minding some other business. She deals with dimensions, and there are things out there that concern me in indirect ways. I'm counting on Yuuko to let the bad dreams to end and the good ones to come true.”

“Well, would you look at the time! It's cryptic o' clock already!” Kero mocked.

“What you need to know is that you have two baby siblings--”

Half siblings,” corrected Yue.

“--and I want you to be nice to them and get along. We'll have them learning and training for some months before they're put to sleep, so I'm asking you to give them a hand and play with them sometimes. You're the older brothers now.”

“Sounds like fun!” Kero smirked and grabbed another muffin.

“I disagree,” Yue frowned. “It'll be noisy and bothersome and stupid, just like someone I know.”

“Hoodyah tawkin' 'bouth?” said Cerberus with his mouth full.

“I rest my case.”

“Give them a chance, please,” said Clow with a gentle smile. “I'm sure you'll like them as soon as you get to know them better.”

“Is that wishful thinking or are you foreseeing it?”

“Knowing Clow?” Kero chuckled. “I bet you it's both.”

“I'm really not liking this...” Yue sighed in defeat and hoped for the worst.
Tags: c: clamp: clow, c: clamp: clow guardians, f: cardcaptor sakura, f: clamp: crossover
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