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Atomic Daydream

The keyboard is mightier than the Swiss Army knife

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Kitsune Epics
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atomic daydream

A simple and eclectic fanfiction journal brought to you by Kirisame (amewarashi). She writes in English and Spanish, according to what strikes her fancy or who she's aiming in particular. She only dares to write in very few fandoms, although she may compensate it by doing plausible crossovers from time to time. She's often haunted by writer's block, which explains the horrible gaps from story to story. She prefers to do short, as she's unable to finish anything lengthy she starts; just ask her one or two multichapter, now covered in cobwebs. She can only do genfic and romance; she's not particularly kinky so there's nothing above PG-13. Character study and dialogs are what she enjoys the most. And you know what else she likes? Honest concrit and reviews ♥

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